Nature Safe’s parent company, Griffin Industries a wholly owned subsidiary of Darling International, assumed a leadership role in recycling excellence in 1943 — long before sustainability became a household term or corporate directive. As a leading U.S. renderer, Griffin collects billions of pounds of animal and food by-products annually. These materials are recycled into environmentally friendly products such as organic fertilizers, alternative fuels, and animal feeds as well as ingredients used in consumer products to include soaps, cosmetics, paints, water repellents and rubber. At Griffin Industries, environmental stewardship and sustainability are a vital part of our business philosophy.

Nature Safe Fertilizers are designed and formulated to provide a complete nutritional food to the soil for plant development and growth. Each of Nature Safe’s ingredients contribute to the balanced requirements for the plant. Griffin’s objective was to develop an overall plant food from a nutritional standpoint, not from a waste disposal need.

Carbon Footprint Reduction: Griffin’s recycling operations divert meat, bakery, grocery and restaurant grease by-products from landfill waste disposal, preventing the release of millions of tons of greenhouse gases. In fact, for each ton of CO2 equivalent produced by our rendering plants more than four tons are removed from the environment, representing the most effective and sustainable recycling efforts in the world.

Quality Assurance: As an integral part of the world’s food chain, corporate sustainability must be rooted in quality assurance and biosecurity to ensure food safety. Every Griffin and Bakery Feeds facility has been certified through the American Feed Industry Association’s Safe Feed/Safe Food program. Griffin was a charter member of this exclusive quality assurance program that validates production facilities that have embraced feed-based safety programs, reduced food safety risks and are actively participating in approved risk management programs. This commitment is further illustrated in the company’s Code of Practice certification by the American Protein Producers Industry (APPI) based on Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) concepts.

Product Development/Innovation: Griffin Industries has remained on the cutting edge of new technology innovations in the promotion and development of renewable energy. In fact, Griffin operates the longest continuously producing commercial biodiesel facility in the U.S. using feedstocks derived from animal fats and recycled restaurant grease. In addition, Griffin has developed programs like Fat for Fuel® that allow a large percentage of our fat and grease products to be used as renewable fuel sources in industrial applications, thus reducing dependency on petroleum and natural gas.

Green Buildings and Operations: Griffin’s corporate office is certified through the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program. LEED certification provides independent, third party verification that a building is environmentally responsible and a healthy environment to live and work. So, everything from ceiling tiles and insulation to flooring, windows and lighting are selected for energy efficiency to reduce our overall carbon footprint. In addition, many of Griffin’s Bakery Feeds operations are certified as Biomass Conversion Facilities. The USDA’s Farm Service Agency has certified their ability to convert biomass (from bakery packaging and wood by-products) into billions of BTUs of energy as part of the Biomass Crop Assistance Program.

Environmental Stewardship: Every Griffin Industries production location, including our Corporate Office, is certified through Audubon International’s Cooperative Sanctuary Program. In fact, Griffin Industries has more locations and more acres certified than any other company in the United States. This program recognizes environmental stewardship excellence in terms of recycling effectiveness, energy conservation, wildlife habitat and water conservation that translates into Griffin’s role as a global model for sustainable business practices.

To validate the company’s stewardship practices, Griffin Industries has certified its plant locations (over 20 facilities) through Audubon International’s Cooperative Sanctuary System. Like thousands of golf courses and other properties that are members of ACSS, Griffin believes that sustainable resource management is not only an environmental responsibility, but also sound business.

Nature Safe products are ideal for environmentally sensitive areas. It can be applied around lakes, streams and wetland areas and will not leach.

Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary System
Your facility can play a significant role in enhancing and protecting wildlife habitat and natural resources. The ACSS provides an advisory information service to help you conduct proactive environmental projects and achieve positive recognition for your efforts. Together with the ACSS you can improve the quality of the environment through stewardship. Nature Safe has sponsored the above educational video further detailing the benefits of becoming an Audubon member.

ACSS Benefits
Association with a program that is improving the quality of the environment by actively involving stewardship activities.


  • Provides ongoing technical support for implementing environmental projects.
  • Improves customer relationships as your property becomes a showcase for environmental excellence.
  • Receive publicity that’s good for you and your business along with a press release announcing your support.
  • Helps turf managers organize and document their environmental activities.
  • Become part of a stewardship resource network.
  • Protects and improves land, water and air for future generations.
  • Saving natural resources saves money.

To obtain more information contact:
Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary System
c/o Audubon International
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Phone (518) 767-9051
Fax (518) 767-9076

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