America’s first facility certified by Audubon International

Nature Safe’s production facility in Henderson, KY, is certified through Audubon International’s Cooperative Sanctuary System (ACSS) program. Nature Safe is the first fertilizer manufacturer in the United States to become a certified member of the ACSS. The ACSS program recognizes environmental stewardship excellence in terms of recycling effectiveness, energy conservation, wildlife habitat and water conservation. This achievement underscores Darling Ingredient’s role as a global model for sustainable business practices. Nature Safe products are ideal for environmentally sensitive areas. They can be applied around lakes, streams and wetland areas and will not leach.

Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary System

Your facility can play a significant role in enhancing and protecting wildlife habitat and natural resources. The ACSS provides an advisory information service to help you conduct proactive environmental projects and achieve positive recognition for your efforts. Together with the ACSS, you can improve the quality of the environment through stewardship. 

ACSS Benefits

Association with a program that is improving the quality of the environment by actively involving stewardship activities has many benefits:

  • It provides ongoing technical support for implementing environmental projects
  • It improves customer relationships, as your property becomes a showcase for environmental excellence
  • It generates publicity that’s good for you and your business, along with a press release announcing your support
  • It helps turf managers organize and document their environmental activities
  • It makes you part of a stewardship resource network
  • It protects and improves land, water and air for future generations
  • It saves natural resources, thereby also saving money

Contact Audubon

Audubon International Headquarters
120 Defreest Drive
Troy, New York 12180
phone: 518-767-9051
toll free: 1-844-767-9051
fax: 518-767-9076

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