Algae and moss can be a devastating problem that severely damages turf. A weak and stressed turf provides an opportunity for algae and moss to flourish. Excessive water and poor drainage limits oxygen access to the roots. High levels of salt weaken the plant, causes osmotic root shock and reduces the plant’s ability to take in fertility.

High fertility and flush growth also weakens turf. The turf’s cell walls are thinner in rapidly growing turf making it more susceptible to damage from traffic, play, or disease.

Another problem is thatch which reduces the soil’s ability to drain and provides a vector for disease. Low mowing heights allow more sunlight to get to the ground. This reduces the plant’s carbohydrate intake to maintain health and affects the plant’s surface area for photosynthesis.

Moss is another devastating problem that turf managers must face. Moss usually disrupts the surface quality of closely mowed turf. Typical moss conditions are wet, humid, shady, acidic, infertile, poorly drained soils, and excessive thatch with thin, weak turf.

A healthy turf makes the establishment of algae and moss more difficult. Nature Safe provides a slow, even feed that improves soil structure and rooting and promotes disease and thatch reduction. It is also low in salt and does not promote rapid growth. Take the opportunity to recommend Nature Safe along with excellent control products to help you overcome algae and moss challenges.