Maybe you recall from your childhood when your favorite uncle or other elder relative rubbed your tussled head of hair and asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Your mind quickly raced through a wide variety of possibilities and you said, “Maybe an astronaut to leave my footprints on the moon or baseball player who hits the grand slam home run to win the World Series, or maybe even a turf grass expert that represents Nature Safe Natural and Organic Fertilizers!”

Some of those thoughts ran through my mind as I intently watched both All Star games this season. Foremost was the Triple A All Star game played at Spring Mobile Park, home to the Salt Lake Bees in Salt Lake City, Utah. As an invited guest (eating several hot dogs, peanuts and Cracker Jacks) I sat glued in my seat as the International League won 3 to 0 against my much beloved Pacific League. A day earlier, I had watched the National League win 5 to 1 over the American league game that was played and televised from Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona. I proudly realized that both nationally renowned sports stadiums played on turf completely treated with Nature Safe products.

In the case of the Triple A Spring Mobile Park, the SL Bees team home stadium, their turf program is documented in a previous newsletter (November 2010) about how their newly renovated field was transformed completely using only Nature Safe fertilizers. More recently, after a music concert venue had destroyed a portion of the outfield, it was resodded using only Nature Safe 5-6-6 on the bare topsoil followed by an application of 10-2-8. Multiple applications of Nature Safe 27-2-2 with a 50/50 organic blend with UFLEXXTM Stabilized Urea were made later.

I had the privilege to walk the entire stadium at Chase Field, home to the Arizona Diamondbacks and site of the American-National League All Star game with Grant Trenbeath, Head Grounds Manager. He proudly detailed his high level of satisfaction with Nature Safe and promised his continued support and use with a similar Nature Safe fertilizer regimen that also included 5-6-6, 10-2-8 and 27-2-2. Grant proclaimed, “The field looked the best ever in 10 years.” I must admit that he applied ammonium sulfate along with a spray application of iron during the season.

It’s also interesting to note that Nature Safe Natural and Organic Fertilizers are used by several professional sports venues to include, but not limited to, Kansas City Royals (the host site for the 2012 All Star Game), Omaha Storm Chasers, Colorado Rockies, Indianapolis Indians, Boston Red Sox, Philadelphia Phillies, California Angels, Salt River Sports Complex (home to Rockies and Diamondbacks spring training), and Colorado Rapids Soccer. The grounds managers of these facilities recognize the benefits of Nature Safe in building a strong soil foundation leading to turf grass that is more resistant to drought, heat, shade and salt stressors.

All of this brought other success stories to mind as well. The 20-something-year-old All Star baseball players most likely began their young careers on the athletic fields of the public and private schools they attended. Public schools systems like Poway Unified Schools use Nature Safe’s 27-2-2 exclusively on all 42 of their athletic fields. Other educational facilities using Nature Safe include Boulder City Colorado Schools and Oklahoma City Public Schools. Some of these athletes probably played a pick-up game of baseball at city parks in Walnut Creek and San Marcos, CA or Bend, OR where Nature Safe is exclusively utilized. Perhaps these players attended college and played baseball for San Diego State, University of California, Brigham Young University, Azusa Pacific University and Concordia University – all current success stories incorporating Nature Safe in their campus and athletic field turf programs.

Nature Safe Natural and Organic Fertilizers is proud of our all star performance. With parent company Griffin Industries/Darling International we will continue to demonstrate exceptional product quality, performance and industry leadership for another 68 years and beyond!