Most companies avoid trouble, shy away from challenges and eschew difficult situations. NOT US! You always thought Nature Safe was kind of…well, different. We are and we’re proud of it.

Every course has trouble spots, and we want you to try us as the remedy. Let’s take a look at some problems that are common to many courses that should be looked at as opportunities for Nature Safe.

Greens: Sure, they need special attention and can make or break a course (or a superintendent’s career!). After aeration, greens are tender and fickle and need to be handled carefully. They are vulnerable to distress from moisture, heat, wind and disease. Nature Safe has built its reputation on providing nutrition to tender roots. Our slow release formulations do not dump fertilizer, so damaged roots can heal and grow without having to worry about burn or leaching. A year-round program of Nature Safe on greens and tees builds strong roots that regenerate quickly after aeration without excessive top growth. Our protein base feeds beneficial soil microbes and gives them the upper hand on crowding out pathogens which can mean less disease and spraying of chemicals.

Tees: I don’t know about your golf game, but there are times when, by the time we get to the green, I may not even be in the hole anymore! So, while greens are crucial, tees are actually the most used and seen parts of any course. No matter how bad I play on a hole, and no matter how early I cry “Mea Culpa,” I always get to tee off on the next hole. Plus, tees can get more traffic in more concentrated areas than greens. So treat them as carefully as you do greens. Using Nature Safe year-round will build strong roots so grass withstands the foot traffic. And on par 3’s, divot marks heal over faster.

Practice tees: Talk about traffic and divot marks, practice tees get the worst. Do not overlook this vital area in a Nature Safe program. Even people who don’t play that day may visit the practice tee. Their impression of the course could well come from 30 minutes on the practice area. Three to four Nature Safe applications a year will let the area withstand the wear and tear a lot better.

New sod: Whether patching, re-working or planting new, Nature Safe is the perfect product for use on sod and seeded areas. Tender new roots can thrive without fear of burning. You’ll need to water for the plants to grow, but you will not have to water just to insure the fertilizer does not burn or build up. As Nature Safe breaks down and becomes available it feeds as the plant grows. No harsh salts build up. The fertilizer will lie in place until adequate moisture is available for the plant to grow, then it will release as needed. Large rain events will not leach away nutrition as can happen even with some high tech coated fertilizers. And while high temps will allow more microbe activity and make more of the Nature Safe nutrition available, it will reach a point of diminished activity – just like plants that start to shut down at extremely high temps. Even some of the best complex nitrogen products available can run into faster release under high temperatures meaning the nitrogen you paid for will be wasted and not able to be used by the plant.

Dry spots: Every course has dry spots and they can drive superintendents crazy. Some are due to construction missteps where too much top soil was taken off. Some can be the result of years of erosion. Some are too exposed to south facings of winter winds. Some are on steep inclines and drain so fast that they are hard to keep watered. Try recommending a combination of Nature Safe and a good wetting agent/surfactant. You can bucket mix Nature Safe with any granular wetting agent. Spread it carefully on the dry spots and be sure to provide adequate water at the correct rate. Repeated use in these spots will mean a softening of the ground. The Nature Safe will nurture healthy roots which help in water percolation leading to a better grass canopy. The improved canopy will further add to the softening and root penetration leading to less and less evidence of the dryness problems.

Shady areas: Great trees on a course add character, beauty and challenges. But along with that comes shade, whether on fairways, roughs or greens. Research shows that the concentrated protein characteristics of Nature Safe help build grass even in shady situations. Nature Safe promotes the growth, activity and population increase of soil microorganisms. As unicellular animals, soil microbes generate carbon dioxide as a by-product of respiration, just like more complex animals. This increase in CO2 means grasses can store more energy in their roots more efficiently. This magnifies the impact of sunlight during photosynthesis. This higher content of stored food is what the plant relies on during heavy shade periods. Grasses decline less and at a much slower rate meaning better coverage that can withstand more shade.

High traffic: Ever been on a golf course and seen the cart tracks that criss-cross the fairway, particularly next to a cart limit sign or past a curb that keeps you on the cart path? These high traffic areas can become hard packed and eventually dry spots. The answer is a strong, vibrant root system. As the canopy is degraded by traffic, only strong roots can regenerate top growth. Plus these roots help break up any subsurface pan that develops and allows water percolation. Nature Safe’s slower, yet programmable delivery of easily digestible proteins build the root strength that is required to offset the wear and tear from high traffic.

Bunker faces: Hard to cut, water and feed, bunker faces can be maintenance nightmares. Highly soluble fertilizers create soft, leaf tissue with overly aggressive leaf expansion and elongation. Using Nature Safe means fewer application operations, which are usually by hand, as well as less need to cut back unnecessary growth. Nature Safe will provide deep green color with far less maintenance requirements.

So next time you are presented with any of these issues, just remember, at Nature Safe we’re looking for trouble!