In an unprecedented accomplishment in the turf industry, Griffin Industries has achieved full Audubon certification of all of its Nature Safe operations as well as a number of other plant locations. To date, there are only 11 business properties certified under the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program (ACSP) for Business and over half of these locations are Griffin facilities. Griffin has always believed that environmental stewardship is simply “good business”.

So what does this mean? For starters, the public relations opportunities within the turf industry are tremendous. As you know, ACSP enjoys the membership of over 2,000 golf courses with well over 100 of these being fully certified. Obviously, with today’s environmental pressures, there are a lot of superintendents searching for information and solutions in handling their environmental and turf management challenges. By walking the walk, Nature Safe is creating a paradigm shift within the turf industry. Currently, surveys have shown that many superintendents accept their role as environmental stewards. However, they typically point outthat there’s a cost to being environmentally conscious. That cost is both in dollars spent forenvironmentally sensitive products as well as the belief that their course cannot be maintained atthe same level with those products.

That’s all about to change. With Nature Safe, we bring to market the most nutrition oriented fertility products available. The success we’ve enjoyed isn’t a mystery, it’s no different than the principles you learned in your 9th grade health class. We believe that a nutritional foundation using Nature Safe will improve the effectiveness of your customer’s overall IPM program. Just like when you eat right and exercise you feel and look healthier. Why should turf be any different!? What’s even more exciting, the benefits are in fact cumulative. Back to our health class analogy, eat right and exercise for a year or more and you’ll really see a difference. That difference in turf is actually putting you more in control of your turf. Improve your ability to manage water, disease and fertility more effectively. And with improved effectiveness comes not only improved results, but also cost savings.