Here is a constant but unseen war being waged in your soil, regardless of what is grown in it. This war is a life and death struggle between the beneficial organisms (the Good Guys) and the pathogenic organisms (the Bad Guys). When the good guys prevail we end up with better soil structure and healthier rooted plants that have a much lower incidence of diseases. Therefore it is to our advantage if we can tip the scales in favor of the Good Guys.

There are some fundamental differences between beneficial organisms and pathogens. Beneficial organisms are good competitors and are able to reproduce much faster and in greater numbers than pathogens if they have a good food source. To effectively tip the scales in your favor, the beneficial organisms need food in the form of amino acids in a readily digestible form. These amino acids only come from a couple of sources in nature – decaying plants, animals, and microorganisms, and soil organic matter. Nature Safe contains up to ten times more amino acids per pound of nitrogen than many competitive products.

Pathogens on the other hand are good survivors, but poor competitors. In order to survive, pathogens spend most of their time in a state of dormancy where they do not have to compete. They simply wait for the plants to come under stress and then they become active, build their numbers and attack. Plants that are grown in soils that contain high populations of beneficial organisms are less likely to be stressed in the first place.

Beneficial organisms have two distinctly different ways in which they protect plants. As they live and reproduce the beneficial organisms surround the root system of the plant (the rhizosphere) and produce powerful antibodies that kill or repel many of the pathogens. These antibodies are effective against active pathogens, but they do not have much effect on dormant pathogens. Have no fears though, all is not lost. Dormant pathogens succumb to gasses that are produced as a by-product by the soil microbes as they consume the amino acid energy contained in Nature Safe. These gasses have been shown to be toxic to parasitic nematodes and fungus diseases that are dormant. Suppressing the parasitic nematodes helps to produce a healthier root system to protect the plant from seasonal diseases such as snow mold.

There are times when it still becomes necessary to apply a fungicide or other control chemical. These chemicals are not very selective for the target species. They tend to kill a wide range of soil organisms, both good and bad.

If the soil is being fed with the rich amino acids in Nature Safe, the overall ratio of beneficial organisms to pathogens is being altered to favor the Good Guys. When the pathogens try to get started again they are faced with overwhelming populations of beneficial organisms that are blocking their paths.

Using Nature Safe with high concentrations of amino acids will continually tip the scales in your favor by producing healthier plants that require less chemical inputs. That in turn lowers the overall cost of production or maintenance.