Nature Safe is proud to announce our partnership with Audubon International’s Cooperative Sanctuary Program (ACSP). Audubon International (AI) is a non-profit environmental organization that promotes sustainability and biological diversity through natural resource management and wildlife habitat enhancement. ACSP educates turf managers to become actively involved in environmental stewardship by incorporating their principles into practice.

Nature Safe approached Audubon International to see how we can market Nature Safe to ACSP members. With over 2,200 golf courses currently AI approved, we saw a great sales opportunity. Audubon was very interested in Nature Safe for many reasons. Nature Safe is natural and organic, it improves soil and plant health, is disease suppressive, reduces water usage and does not leach.

To truly create a win/win situation with AI, Griffin Industries, manufacturer of Nature Safe, is now in the process of certifying all 23 of its plants with ACSP as “Cooperative Sanctuaries.” This task normally takes a golf course several years to accomplish, however, since we are a recycling company we will be able to do this much faster. By processing inedible animal products into high quality animal feeds and ingredients to formulate Nature Safe, Griffin Industries is proud to be a leader in environmental stewardship.