There are two old adages: 1) “Copying is the sincerest form of flattery,” and 2)“Figures don’t lie, but liars figure.” Such must be the case with a competitor’s newest organic manure blended product introductions and baseless claims of content and performance. Perhaps it should be suggested that a good brand name for their products might be “Whisper”, because it contains at the most, 33%-35% organic manure content by volume, and just a whisper of organic value.

Ever since Nature Safe’s successful introduction of 27-2-2/27-0-2 which is a 50/50 blend of Nature Safe’s USDA food grade animal proteins, combined with UFLEXXTM stabilized urea, the fertilizer marketplace has been inundated with cheap copycats trying to imitate and confuse customers by deceit, and blatantly making false claims…“It’s just like Nature Safe, only cheaper”. Yes, that is an actual quote relayed to me by a Denver, CO based golf course superintendent.

Yes, those competitors may have a cheaper cost per bag, but they are, in fact, definitely more expensive. These boastful competitors do not mention that they use chicken manure, sewage sludge or bio-solids to provide their lesser valued “organic” ingredient content.

Here are three main points of concern:

1. How available is the organic nitrogen to the turf/plant? Nature Safe has several university research studies indicating that our feather, meat, bone and blood meals are more readily available to the plant in 12 weeks. This happens more quickly than any other organic ingredients.

2. Amino acid content, which directly translates as “food quality value”, is as much as six times higher in Nature Safe animal protein ingredients as compared to chicken manure and sewage sludge. This is proven by independent research from Clemson University*.

3. Nature Safe’s salt content is .006% when all other organic manure contents are off the charts. Then what about the heavy metal content of sewage sludge? Do your soil and/or water tests show that you are deficient in Mercury, Cadmium and other heavy metals?

Just consider how available the organic nitrogen is to the plant. Research from North Carolina State University* further proved that it took up to two years to release the NPK value of chicken manure to the turf/plant. That same research also proved that the highest amount of N value from chicken manure was 3.6%. When you compare the nutrient release value of Nature Safe’s 13-0-0 at a 99% in three months versus organic manure ingredients that can take up to 24 months to fully release, the nutritional value would equal much less than 1% during that same period. You have to ask yourself how much value is in the bag?

Even if the competitor’s release values were similar (which they are not) consider the value of the food quality that is closer defined as amino acid content. Here is where Nature Safe Natural and Organic Fertilizers score the highest. A good example would be to compare the food value (basic seven) of a Twinkie as compared to filet mignon. Some would say that they are both delicious, but what is the “food quality value” comparison? Would your body and future health benefit more from the Twinkie or steak? That same logic of science holds true in the food quality benefit that is available to the soil microbes. How much value is in the bag?

Salt content may be only regional in importance, especially if you are concerned about drought-like conditions or if your water source is a problem. There are volumes of research available online that has considered the high salinity already present in the soil, perhaps you might want to reconsider adding even more salt from organic manure based fertilizers. Is it really cheaper in the long run?

So, to answer the article’s title question, “Does Nature Safe have any competitors?” The answer is a definite NO. Research, logic, applications and more importantly, the results have proven this repeatedly. It is imperative that you help your customer recognize the facts by reading the product label to correctly value and compare the true cost of available units of N to translate the value in the bag and not fall prey to “…but liars figure”.