The late fall fairway fertilizer application – dormant feed – is by far the most important application of the year. A Nature Safe fertilizer application put down now will show better results next spring than any other product on the market today. When spring rolls around, the turf will have greened up earlier, it will be denser and healthier. This will result in an earlier sales start, make sales presentations easier, and give you a much better closing rate. All of this can happen if you do a little sales strategy now! First of all, Nature Safe is better than other traditionally used synthetic products (i.e. IBDU). Here’s why we recommend putting down 8-3-5 at a rate of 1.0 lb. of nitrogen as a dormant feed.

The reason Nature Safe is a better dormant fertilizer goes back to its basic makeup. Nature Safe is a protein and carbohydrate based fertilizer. That means that along with the N, P and K, the customer is getting an energy source, carbon, to feed the soil microorganisms. Nature Safe is broken down into available nutrients through microbial activity. Because of this Nature Safe does not leach. Through the winter, the top growth of the plant will be dormant; however, the roots will still be feeding and developing. Microorganisms will remain active for most of the winter as well. Chemical fertilizers will leach under certain winter and spring conditions. Nature Safe is available to evenly feed the plant during the on and off weather feeding periods resulting in positive microbial community changes. Chemical fertilizers do not offer an energy source to the soil microbes. These microbes have been in the soil but have not had the proper food source to wake them up. Another factor is release of ammonia and nitrate nitrogen. Chemical fertilizers release the ammonia and nitrate very quickly, much too quickly for the plant to utilize. The positive charged ammonia converts to negative charged nitrate, which is readily leached through the soil system in chemical fertilizers. With Nature Safe, ammonia is initially released after the product is applied and then converted to nitrate over several days. This is why it will take a few days before Nature Safe appears to be working. The slower process results in a more controlled release of nitrogen for the plant, ensuring maximum efficiency by the plant to uptake nutrients.

Nature Safe will improve turf density and health through dormant feeding. Nature Safe will build up the natural soil microorganisms that promote better root development for winter stress tolerance. You will find turf density to be much better due to this application. It will enhance the effective control of snow mold fungicides thereby improving your overall winter disease management program. Nature Safe can improve fungicide performance when used together.