Anytime you establish a goal, it is important to think about the journey toward reaching that goal. When the goal is to sell a product or service, it is important to learn why your prospective buyers need that product or service. This is the journey toward that sale. Buyers of products and services must be educated so they make good purchasing decisions. When it comes to selling an organic fertilizer, your buyers must be well educated about the environment and what being a good steward really means to them and their respective customers. Learning about the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary program is a good start. However, before you can teach others about this topic you must first be willing to learn about yourself.

The Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program has three sections that members can participate in. First, as a member, you receive twelve publications per year that will educate you in topics such as wildlife conservation and water quality management. There are case studies about members who have done outstanding projects for the environment. the program addresses problems that may arise with either golfers or wildlife. The point is that as a member, you receive a lot of good information.

Second, you have access to the professional staff at Audubon’s office anytime you have a question or comment regarding environmental, programmatic or conservation issues. The staff will do their best to have an answer for you right on the spot. If they do not have one immediately, they will research to get you an answer as soon as possible.

Finally, you can take all this information and turn it into action by participating in the certification process. The Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program is a volunteer membership program which is truly the essence of what we do. The program is a five-step process that takes most golf courses one to three years to complete. It includes categories in resource inventory and environmental planning, water quality, wildlife habitat management, water conservation and out reach and education. When a course completes all five categories, they are granted the title of “A Fully Certified Golf Course.”

Knowing a lot of information is exchanged with members who participate within this program, it is a safe bet they are highly educated on the topic of environmental conservation and stewardship. The result will be people making good buying decisions as they relate to the environment. This will customers who want their businesses to stand head and shoulders above the rest as they relate to environmental conservation and community perception. They will think very seriously about purchasing products such as Nature Safe. Remember that an educated buyer will make more educated purchases.