Nature Safe Fertilizer, if used in conjunction with core aeration in the fall, is an important tool in helping your turf recover from summer stress. The proper application involves harvesting the cores, applying sand, and applying Nature Safe 8-3-5 at a 1-1.5 lb. rate of Nitrogen on top of the sand. Drag this mix into the holes. By applying Nature Safe on top of the sand, more will actually get into the holes than if you applied sand on top of the Nature Safe.

As turf roots find the tubes of sand, they experience no compaction, high oxygen levels, and an extremely active microbial population. These aerobic bacteria are releasing N, P, K, Ca, Fe, Mg, Mn, S, etc. The roots will respond with increased length, mass and numbers of root hairs. Turf should recover from aeration faster and the checkerboard effect typically seen following this process is eliminated. There is no better method available to superintendents today to aid their turf in stress recovery than this practice. Nature Safe has more available food value and a broader spectrum of food sources than any fertilizer in the market today. Nature Safe will maximize the benefit your turf receives from this fall aeration practice.