Sales people who compete against Nature Safe frequently tell Nature Safe users that they have an organic product that is just like Nature Safe, only cheaper. From time to time I meet end users who believed what they were told and switched from Nature Safe to Brand X in an attempt to save money. None of these people felt the move they made saved them any money over time or that the performance of Brand X was anything close to Nature Safe.

Some end users thought the performance of Brand X was equal to Nature Safe for the first few months after they made the switch. Eventually they realized that they made a mistake by switching. I recently talked to a golf course superintendent who had used Nature Safe on his bentgrass tees for several years. During that time he witnessed a marked decline in the incidence of dollar spot on his tees, even though it remained a problem on his fairways, where he was using synthetic fertilizer. Two years ago, one of his local salesmen convinced him that a new product he was selling was just like Nature Safe, only cheaper. Naturally, everyone wants to save money if they can and the superintendent trusted this particular salesman so he abandoned Nature Safe and purchased Brand X. For the first year, that he was using the new product the superintendent thought it was as good as Nature Safe. The performance seemed to be good and the problems with dollar spot were minimal. However, when he got into the second year, he began to have as many problems with dollar spot on his tees as he was having on his fairways. He discovered that the extra fungicide he was forced to purchase to combat the increased dollar spot more than ate up any savings he might have had from the lower price of Brand X. This superintendent decided to switch back to Nature Safe early this spring. Since then, his dollar spot problems have subsided and his tees have improved. He is still having dollar spot problems on his fairways, but not on his tees.

In another instance a superintendent who was having excellent success with Nature Safe on his bentgrass fairways was forced by the club owner to quit using Nature Safe because of the cost. This particular golf course had not had to spray their fairways for dollar spot more than once or twice a year when they were using Nature Safe. For one year after leaving Nature Safe the dollar spot problems on their fairways was mild. The second year, the dollar spot ran wild and the owner ended up paying a lot more for fungicides to treat the fairways than he ever did for Nature Safe. There was also a corresponding increase in thatch levels that forced the club to increase the frequency of aeration and dethatching. Of course, that also added to their maintenance costs.

The problem in both of the above cases is that the decline did not come until the second year, so both of these clubs were lulled into a false sense of security. They thought their decision to use Brand X was paying off, but when they got into the second year, they realized too late that they had made a mistake. Using Nature Safe on a regular basis gradually increases the level of beneficial soil microbes that are providing nutrients to the plant and competing with the pathogens. Once these soil microbes have been built up to high levels, they do not dissipate rapidly. When the use of Nature Safe is discontinued, the microbe populations slowly decline. During this period, the fertility and disease suppression seems to be somewhat normal. Finally, after enough time has elapsed, problems start to occur.

The fact of the matter is there is no organic fertilizer that can provide the same level of nutrients for the soil microbes as Nature Safe. That is true is because Nature Safe has the highest level of amino acids in the industry and those amino acids are the most digestible by the soil microbes. These amino acids are manufactured by Nature Safe’s parent company, Griffin Industries, to exacting pet food grade standards. We can insure that the amino acids are very digestible. No other organic fertilizer company can do that because none of them make their own ingredients. They cannot control the quality of amino acids used in their products.

Some competing products may look like Nature Safe and some may even list the same ingredients on the bag, but none can match the amount or the digestibility of the amino acids in Nature Safe. That is why there is no other product that is just like Nature Safe – at any price.