In the northeast territory, fertilizer costs and increased pricing is a big topic of discussion. The price of synthetic fertilizers continues to rise while Nature Safe’s pricing has remained consistent and unchanged for over a year. Now is the perfect time to consider products for spring aeration or to expand usage on larger turf areas, such as golf fairways. Nature Safe’s 27-2-2 is the most cost-effective formulation for this type of application. This product is also excellent for landscape and lawn care companies.

Nature Safe’s university research supports the performance of our products and the benefits of increasing soil microbial populations. Synthetic fertilizer and higher prices do not promote an increase in beneficial microbes. Microbial populations are increased by carbon; synthetic fertilizers do not have that advantage.

I always position Nature Safe as having the highest concentration of organic nutrition in a bag, and the best value out of the bag when the product is applied. Certain areas of the country are forcing fertilizer applications to be phosphorus free. Nature Safe offers 10-0-8 and 15-0-8 that help support the lawn care and landscape market segments in addition to municipalities, pars and recreation facilities that are affected by restrictions.

Value is important to all of the market segments mentioned above. They all have a defined annual budget and the turf managers at these facilities want to expand those budget dollars to other projects. As you can see, there are many benefits of an organic fertilizer in your turf management program.