The subject of Nature Safe and spring aeration has been discussed and written about many times before. Here are some additional thoughts on the benefits of using Nature Safe at aeration time and how to increase sales opportunities in a stagnant golf market. The bottom line is if your customers go through the hassle of aeration, they should maximize the benefits of this critical cultural practice by fertilizing with Nature Safe.

Aerification improves long term turfgrass health and playability while creating short term turfgrass stresses and player inconveniences. The high amino acid content of Nature Safe contributes to faster turf recovery and less summer heat stress due to increase root mass and depth.

One of the most important reasons for aeration is the removal and reduction of thatch build up in turf – especially on putting surfaces. As thatch accumulates, the root zone receives less oxygen, water, and nutrients. Nature Safe aids in the reduction of thatch with sugars and carbohydrates that are present in the various formulations we offer.

In addition to improved aerification recovery times, superintendents using Nature Safe are also experiencing increased tolerance to other turfgrass stresses, such as heat, drought, cold and disease pressures compared to turf not treated with Nature Safe. These stress tolerance attributes are helping superintendents decrease their dependency on irrigation and less chemical inputs to manage their turfgrass.

If you do the math of just focusing on your top 25 customers and position Nature Safe only for aeration, the total benefits to your customer, your business and your wallet are amazing!

Here are recommended programs for greens, tees, fairways, and sports turf:

Tees (In addition to above)
10-2-8 F9 bags/acre
15-0-8 F6 bags/acre

Contact your Nature Safe representative at 1-800-252-4727 if you have any questions about putting together a spring aerification package for your customers. Good luck and great selling during this Happy New Year!