I grew up in south Louisiana, where roots run deep into French culture. Many practices, customs and sayings have come to us from this French branch of our history. One custom in particular that survives in many forms is the practice of lagniappe (pronounced lan-yap). This means “a little something extra.”

For centuries French merchants (merchant, by the way, is a French word!) upon completion of a purchase (also French, well, you get the idea!), might throw in a little extra item for no additional charge. This was called “lagniappe.” It might be a piece of penny candy for the children, or an extra cookie or roll at the baker’s, or free extra laces for a pair of shoes. It was a thank you for doing business with them. And it created increased value to the buyer for the good or service.

You can still find that same sense of increased value with the sale and use of Nature Safe. No, we’re not giving away extra product, but you need to be aware that when using Nature Safe you are getting far more than the simple fertilizer analysis printed on the bag.

All fertilizers have to have guaranteed analysis. With almost all conventional fertilizers, and most other organic fertilizers, you get the N-P-K, and that’s it. Not so with Nature Safe. Sure you get the N-P-K, but what else comes with it?

Increased microbial action. Nature Safe, through the inclusion of simple sugars and carbohydrates, gives an immediate boost to the level of soil microorganism activity and population. This means faster and more pronounced response in plants that are feeding. The microbes make the analysis available so the plant can use it.

Increased soil organic matter content. Nature Safe, being primarily animal derived protein, leaves soil with more of the humus, wax, lignin and oil that comprise organic matter. The life of a soil relies on organic matter to capture nutrients and hold them for plant use, improve soil structure for better drainage and oxygen penetration, retain moisture and resist erosion.

Efficient and economical use of nutrition. Because Nature Safe is released through animal (microbes) action, availability decreases when temperatures are cool and increases when temperatures are warm. This is exactly how a plant responds to temperature. So the nutrition is available AS THE PLANT NEEDS IT! It doesn’t dump faster than the plant can use it in hot weather and it doesn’t run off during a rain storm in cool weather. It stays where you put it until biological processes make it available at basically the same relative rate that the plant grows. Is a fertilizer really cheaper if it runs into your retention pond before the grass can use it?

Repeatable and programmable performance. Many organics can vary in exact composition because they are collected, but not compounded. Nature Safe is made with the highest of standards of quality control, with raw material and finished product testing to insure specifications are met with each and every lot. You get a response you can count on every use, with no surprises when you least want them.

Suppression of disease and predatory nematodes. Yes, it’s a fertilizer, and we aren’t saying it can replace your pest and disease control, but studies show and users will tell you that regular use of Nature Safe can lower the incidence of many diseases and let you save some of your oh so tight budget on pesticides and their application. By feeding and maximizing the presence of beneficial microbes, you leave less room for pathogens to get established. You can find the studies listed on our website and you probably already know a user that is realizing the benefits of less chemical application.

Controlled growth. Because the nutrition in Nature Safe is available evenly over a long period, turf growth is consistent and broadly expressed. Phosphorus goes directly to cell elongation for longer leaves, stems and internodes. Nitrogen affects leaf expansion and size. If either, or both, are too rapidly available, in the presence of high amounts of available water, you get lots of succulent growth with low dry weight. This leads to mowing more often and production of larger amounts of clippings, with the resultant labor. If these elements are more slowly available, growth is better balanced throughout the plant, i.e., roots, stolons, and rhizomes as well as leaves and stems. Thicker turf, that has higher dry weight, makes a better playing surface, resists stress better and recovers faster from damage.

You can always count on the nutrition of Nature Safe and it’s the lagniappe that keep customers coming back for more.