Let’s go back to the beginning. You know, just after the Pans and Dozers are gone and final preparations are being made to the soil before seeding. In most construction situations, the soil’s quality is reduced and microbial populations are significantly diminished. Over time, the soil can be improved and the microbial populations re-established. But wait! There is no Time! Management companies and golf course owners want to recoup their investments as soon as possible. Once seeding is complete, it is a mad dash to get the first golfer on the course. So what do we do? We try to build greens and tees out of sterile sand. A superintendent’s solution to this problem is to use massive doses of synthetic fertilizers.

Superintendents work off the premise that you should give the plant what it needs to grow. No thought is ever given to the soil and what it needs. If the soil was in balance, it could hold and process more of the nutrients being applied. This would result in less leaching and reduced chemical usage. Are synthetics the answer? Synthetics may deliver the nitrogen a plant needs, but at what expense to the total rhizosphere? Research shows that synthetics will actually reduce the microbial populations and can leach. So what other options are out there for turf managers?

This is where Nature Safe fits, from grow-in to regular golf course maintenance. Nature Safe is set apart from other fertilizers because it will re-establish the balance of nutrients in the soil. Nature Safe feeds and increases the microbial populations. If you take care of your soil, it will take care of your turf. A balanced soil will produce and process its own nutrients. Today’s turf manager spends too much time thinking about what the turf needs and not enough on the soil. Sand greens can present the biggest challenge. With constant applications, spaced three weeks apart or less, Nature Safe will help improve sand soils.

Nature Safe provides much more than just N-P-K for your turf. Our fertilizers provide the following minerals and vitamins for improved soil and turf health: Amino Acids in Protein form Calcium, Carbohydrates, Carbon, Humus, Vitamin E, Vitamin B12, Riboflavin, Biotin, Choline, Thiamine, Pantothenic Acid, Folic Acid and Niacin.

All of these vitamins and minerals enhance the biostimulant properties of Nature Safe. Each are used for different metabolic processes within the plant. These include chlorophyll production, cell division, respiration, transpiration and reproduction. No other organic or synthetic fertilizer has this kind of package that addresses both plant and soil needs. This is why Nature Safe is the best nutritional product on the market.