In the United States this year, golf course superintendents have been put to the test with all kinds of weather extremes. Mother Nature has reeked havoc in Florida and Texas with unbelievable heat and drought, tremendous flooding in parts of the Midwest and warmer than normal temperatures throughout the country. Nature Safe products can help turfgrass through all these extremes.

Nature Safe will not leach or runoff and, with a low salt index, Nature Safe has an extremely low burn potential and is ideal for improving the turf quality, appearance and health of these areas. Nature Safe will put energy back into the turf and improve turf density, health and soil water retention as well as encouraging aggressive root development. These areas will be better equipped to deal with the conditions inherent to these problem areas.

This is also an excellent way to introduce your superintendent to using Nature Safe on fairways. Where Nature Safe is used on fairways, you will see improved appearance, improved health and less need for iron and other applications.

Nature Safe is also a natural for overseed, providing excellent seed establishment and a vigorous start to your overseed application. Nature Safe will also take care of your primary turf that is being stressed by the presence of the overseed. The overseed will use up much of the available energies and plant food in the soil that the primary turf would otherwise have access to. Nature Safe will enhance the health of your dominant turf during this stressful time and will not keep it from going dormant. This will become more evident in the spring when you transition from your overseed. Your dominant turf will have greater concentrations of energy and plant food that will allow it to aggressively put down roots and grow in the spring.

For bunker faces, steep slopes and mounds typically found in the fairway, use Nature Safe 10-2-8 at 3/4 lb. of N per application. Apply Nature Safe to these target areas as soon as possible. The turf in these areas is typically thin. Getting Nature Safe in the system now, will help halt the thinning and will encourage new rooting and improved turf density and appearance. Make another application in late fall or early winter as a dormant feed. Your next application would be in early summer after transition.

When overseeding, apply Nature Safe one week prior to overseed application. Use Nature Safe 10-2-8 or 8-3-5 at 1/2 lb.- 3/4 lb. of N per 1,000 sq. ft. This will help your overseed get established and provide the dominant turf with adequate energy and plant food as it deals with the stress of overseed. This will also allow it to go dormant with increased reserves that will aid in transition in the spring.