Posted on August 2, 1999

by Natural Choice Editor

Lower rates more frequently: use .25 – .50 lb. of N on greens applications 2-3 weeks apart. This will keep a good balance in the rhizosphere and will help avoid problems with application. I have found that with our Fine and Superfine products, a rate of .5 lb. or less will tremendously decrease mower and roller pick up of the product.

Use a rate of .75 to 1.5 lbs. of N at aerification in the holes before top dressing on greens, tees or fairways, and drag in. The more Nature Safe that can be worked into the rhizosphere, the better the results.

Always use the right product and particle size for the surface it will be applied to.

Proper product application. To apply, wet product (we recommend syringing for a 3-5 minute cycle), let product thoroughly dry and then either wet the product or mow without baskets to further break up the particle.

Nature Safe (which is 85% WIN) will not have a color response for 7-10 days. However, what you will get is a very even and deep color along with a slow, even feed that alleviates the flush of growth you can see with other fertilizers.

For more information, contact your Nature Safe Professional.