Nature Safe’s extensive product line of 100% organic nutrition has always featured 10-2-8 as a popular broad spectrum fertilizer for golf, schools, universities, sports turf, municipalities, lawn care and landscape customers.

Many areas of the country are restricting the use of phosphorus fertilizer, not only at certain times of the year, but for the entire growing season. The development of Nature Safe 10-0-8 Super Fine with a biocatalyst of kelp extract is a great option for those affected by a phosphorous ban as well for applications where the agronomic challenge requires the performance benefits of a biocatalyst.

The kelp comes from Ocean Organics, a manufacturer of turf products for over 30 years with extensive university research to back their product offering. Nature Safe is pleased to join forces with Ocean Organics to provide a new formulation to you and your customers. The biocatalyst is the synergistic combination of the most powerful blend of cytokinins and auxins applied to Nature Safe. This addition to the fertilizer enhances the effectiveness to increase the performance of the fertilizer earlier in the spring and later in the fall. Nature Safe with Kelp Extract will be the premier product to use at aeration as a pre-stress conditioner to develop the most dense fibrous root system before entering the heat and drought of the summer months.