NS 10-0-8 With Kelp Extract

Nature Safe’s 10-0-8 with Kelp Extract has become a popular product and is receiving great reviews after its introduction at the 2011 Golf Industry Show. This new product is 100% organic utilizing Nature Safe’s blend of proteins and Ocean Organics® Kelp Extract. This kelp extract is made using Ocean Organics’ exclusive cold water extraction process to remove the nutrients from their seaweed. The kelp works with the proteins to aid root development, plant nutrient uptake and improve stress tolerance.

Following the Golf Course Show in Orlando, I worked with distributor Metro Turf Products and Labriola Landscaping and Lawn Care in White Plains, New York. Labriola is a long-term Nature Safe user and a firm believer in organic nutrition. They apply Nature Safe on some of the most exclusive properties including the Pepsi Cola World Headquarters.

During our meeting, the conversation centered on 10-0-8 and how the addition of kelp extract would be a superior blend to any other supplemental programs that Labriola was using in conjunction with Nature Safe. The kelp extract enhances the performance of the Nature Safe to provide a dense and fibrous root system that acts as a pre-stress conditioner. A truckload of product was ordered and applied.

Fast forward to July 2011. I met with Labriola to follow up on our spring meeting. They were very impressed with the performance of the 10-0-8. “The turf had never looked so good despite the summer stress. I think the rooting and denser turf contributed to the turf’s performance,” said Brian Rusnack of Labriola. “In addition to deeper rooting, weed competition was eliminated because of the health of the turf,” said Rusnack. “Supplemental applications to complement organic fertilizer applications would not be needed. I have become a firm believer in this product – seeing is believing and the performance of the turf speaks for itself.”

NS 10-2-8 With PBS 150 Long-term Soil Surfactant

This product is a blend of NS 10-2-8 with a long-term soil surfactant manufactured by Aqua-Aid and blended by NS distributor Andre and Son. This blend provides organic nutrition and prevents the formation of localized dry spot. It also enhances the delivery of water to the plant from irrigation and rainfall.

I met with Scott Dodson, Superintendent of the exclusive Park Club in Buffalo, New York. I mentioned this product would be great on bunker faces, tees, clubhouse grounds and approaches where the soil may differ from the soil used on putting surfaces. Scott used the product this spring and summer. “This product is phenomenal. The turf has been under heat and drought stress and has never been better. We even eliminated the need for over watering,” said Dodson. “The membership has complimented me on the grounds surrounding the 18th green and clubhouse because of the aesthetic beauty they were noticing and enjoying.”

These are two great products to get prepared for next year’s golf season.