If you want to know the truth about something, ask an 11-year-old! This is certainly the case with young Kevin Brady, turf science prodigy and son of proud father, Mark Brady. Mark is superintendent of Monoosnock Country Club in Leominster, MA. As a Nature Safe user himself, he was also interested in Kevin’s science project comparing fertility results of Nature Safe with a good quality conventional fertilizer. Here are the results in Kevin’s own words.

My name is Kevin Brady and I’m writing because I thought you would be interested in hearing about my science project using Nature Safe Fertilizer.

I found a web site online about using organic and inorganic fertilizers and comparing their rates of growth. I started the project on May 10th and used soil and rye grass seeds. The fertilizers were Nature Safe’s 15-2-8 and Anderson’s 16-4-8, one on each side. I then wrote in a journal and documented every day what I saw.

The organic side germinated at seven days, a whole three days earlier than the inorganic side. It also started growing in thicker and faster than the inorganic side, and ended up much fuller and longer at the end of the month.

We thank Kevin for sharing his project and expect that he received an ‘A.’ For most, we’d settle for our kids’ turfgrass interest to at least extend to mowing the lawn. We predict a bright and possibly green future for Kevin.