by Gabe Diaz-Saavedra, Regional Manager

Taking care of flower beds and landscaping is an added responsibility for many superintendents that has few benefits other than an occasional “atta boy” from the membership when it looks nice.

Superintendents that are asked to spruce up the clubhouse area or plant more flowers around the course are usually not given additional funds for these beautification improvements. One way to help superintendents with this dilemma is to suggest using Nature Safe 8-3-5 or 5-6-6 left over from aerification or greens applications. These formulations are an excellent fertilizer for trees and shrubs and there isn’t an additional cost for fertilizer. This allows the superintendent to use an asset that might be sitting in storage until the next aerifcation or greens application.

“I like the fact that it’s environmentally benign. I use Nature Safe on trees, shrubs and antique roses.

Jerry Palmer, Colonial Country Club, Jackson, MS.

Fertilizer use is also under scrutiny for golf courses in environmentally sensitive areas. Recommending the use of Nature Safe on trees and shrubs ensures a response without putting the environment at risk.

What makes Nature Safe so good for trees, shrubs and flowers? The same reasons that it is excellent on turf:

  • A low salt index so it won’t burn tender young plants.
  • A slow consistent feed eliminates big flush of growth.
  • Increased resistance to disease pressures.
  • Improved aeration and porosity of the soil.
  • Improved stress tolerance.

Help your customers earn that “atta boy” by suggesting the following landscape applications of Nature Safe:

Annuals/Perennials: At planting till 2 lbs./50 sq. ft. into the soil bed so that the Nature Safe is dispersed through the root zone. For individual plants, use one tsp. in the planting hole and add another tsp. when backfilling. Top dress every 30-60 days depending on maintenance schedule. Following topical application water thoroughly into the soil (1/4″ inch of water within 1-2 days after application).

“I use Nature Safe when planting flower beds because it’s in inventory from use at aerification. There’s no sense buying additional fertilizer.”

Scott Soule, Seascape and Emerald Bay, Ft. Walton Beach, FL

Trees: At planting apply 1/4 lb. of Nature Safe per every foot of height. One half of this material should be applied into the planting hole and the other half mixed with the backfill. If the tree is already established, make a series of holes 2” in diameter, 18-24” apart and12-18” deep in a circular pattern around the base of the tree. Fill the holes with Nature Safe and cover. Water thoroughly into the soil (1/4″ of water within 1-2 weeks after application). Reapply every 30-60 days depending on maintenance schedule.

Contact your Nature Safe representative for additional information on how to efficiently and effectively use Nature Safe to grow a great landscape. They can assist you with region specific recommendations.