Steve Ellis of Harrell’s Fertilizer Inc. set up a trial at Council Fire Golf Course in Chattanooga, Tennessee. An A1/A4 nursery green was used to compare endoROOTS and Nature Safe 5-6-6. Both fertilizers were applied at 1 lb. N/1,000 square feet and lightly incorporated into the root zone prior to planting. Two weeks after planting, the Nature Safe 5-6-6 out-performed the endoROOTS (see photo). The segment that received the Nature Safe application has a thicker stand and is greener. The endoROOTS was touted as having mycorrhizae that are supposed to help with rooting and growth. This test clearly shows that the high amino acids contained in our meat and bone meal out-performed the mycorrhizae.

Another reason for the outstanding performance of the Nature Safe product is that the phosphorus is naturally chelated being derived from steamed meat and bone meal. This natural chelation means it is readily available to the young developing roots more readily that other phosphorus sources.

What’s the take away message? Until this trial, some assumed that mycorrhizae was superior to amino acids derived from animal meals. This trial proves otherwise. If you are a Doubting Thomas, set up a side by side trial to see for yourself.