Victory Field in Indianapolis, Indiana is the home of the AAA Indianapolis Indians baseball team. It is a magnificent venue for baseball and it is recognized as one of the finest minor league baseball facilities in the country. The playing field is constructed on a base of sand that is 10 inches thick and it is covered with a blend of improved bluegrasses that were sodded in the fall of 2003.

A couple years ago, Head Groundskeeper, Joey Stevenson, took over the reigns from Jamie Mehringer at Victory Field. Jamie now applies his experience and agronomic expertise to promoting related products and services to the sports turf market throughout the state of Indiana. Joey has picked up where Jamie left off and does a tremendous job keeping Victory Field immaculate.

Located in downtown Indianapolis, the climate in America’s heartland is prone to generate many types of turf diseases. Prior to using Nature Safe and despite a regular spray program, there was still some turf loss from related disease like Summer Patch. The surviving turf was also not tolerant enough to stand up to the traffic from prolonged home stands.

After considerable research, Victory Field went on a program that uses Nature Safe 10-2-8 and 12-2-6 as the base fertilizers with a goal to produce a strong, healthy turf that is able to stand up to the heavy traffic patterns. They also wanted a healthy soil microbe system that was better able to suppress diseases that regularly plague the field. Nature Safe 12-2-6, fortified with ammonium sulfate, was applied in late fall and early spring. Nature Safe 10-2-8 was applied monthly at one pound of nitrogen per 1,000 sq. ft. for the rest of the year.

Since using Nature Safe, Victory Field has virtually eliminated disease outbreaks. The wear tolerance has dramatically improved and the color has been better than ever. At the same time, the slow even feed of Nature Safe has kept shoot growth under control. Mowing the field every other day resulted in limited clipping yield and no flushes of growth. The added safety factor of Nature Safe has also resulted in peace-of-mind that fertilizer burns would not be a problem.

The incredible turf conditions at Victory Field has made Joey somewhat of a local celebrity. The related video link of his television news interview is available on our home page.