Across the United States, golf rounds and budgets continue to decrease based in part to the weaker economy. Most Nature Safe distributors are broadening their customer base by merging their strong core position within the golf industry into other market avenues such as lawn and landscape, cities and municipalities, athletic fields, school districts, etc.

This has been especially apparent throughout the west coast region where, in some cases, Nature Safe distributors have doubled their organic fertilizer dollar sales with the increased interest from these non-golf market segments with the promotion of Nature Safe’s 27-2-2 blend of organics and UFLEXX™ (stabilized urea from Agrotain). This product contains the “best of organics” using USDA food grade quality animal proteins of blood, meat, bone and feather meal inputs combined with the “best of synthetics” 46-0-0 UFLEXX™.

While making a joint sales presentation with a distributor sales rep, we promised an athletic director at a prestigious university eight to ten weeks of continued feeding with an emphasis on building a strong organic microbial population. The customer said that he doubted that Nature Safe’s 27-2-2 or any other fertilizer would provide that continued feeding time. He now confesses,

“It has been 14 weeks and I’m still earning compliments on the quality of my field.”

This satisfied and convinced customer is now recommending Nature Safe to other schools and universities that he consults for athletic turf. The testimonials keep rolling in and the excitement continues about the length of feeding with rich, dark green color and quality, dense turf.

That same distributor sales rep later commented to me that his success stems from focusing on just three main sales points before earning the immediate purchase order, and later, repeat orders.

1. Safety USDA food grade inputs consisting of animal proteins that are safe for the environment. Nature Safe applications are safe for all and do not require applicators to wear Tyvek suits or respirators to make the application. Nature Safe’s organic fertilizers are also listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI).

2. Cost Per Acre Applications of Nature Safe 27-2-2 cost approximately $100 per acre to deliver one pound of N per acre that will last up to eight to ten weeks (or longer) providing safe, strong color while building the soil microbial population and fighting off diseases.

3. Environmental Stewardship Using environmentally safe products is an important factor for customers in the private university, government agencies and cities, municipalities and school systems. To promote their commitment to the environment, Nature Safe customers are offered a complimentary sign informing others of their stewardship practices. One school district requested 43 personalized signs, one each to be bolted to the fencing around their school playgrounds and athletic fields giving notice to concerned parents that the school’s board is providing an environmentally friendly place for their children to play and learn. Ask your Nature Safe representative for details.