For years, top conditioned athletes and body builders have supplemented their diets with essential amino acids. These amino acids are key components to dense muscle growth and to muscle cell recovery. These same amino acids are also key components for overall turf health. Whether you are trying to develop a stronger, healthier body for enhanced athletic performance, or a stronger healthier turf plant, amino acids are a necessity.

Glutamic acid is an essential amino acid that supports muscle growth. Nature Safe Fertilizers contain a high percentage of glutamic acid. This gives the plant the necessary nutritional supplement for root elongation and increased root density. The roots deliver nutrients to the plant and provides for overall plant health.

The branch chain amino acids, which are leucine, isoleucine and valine, make up 35% of the amino acid content of a muscle and are utilized during heavy resistance training. In a turf plant, these amino acids are necessary to build resistance to the stresses of summer. All of these branch chain amino acids are in Nature Safe.

Amino acids are also the building blocks for plant cell growth. It is important to incorporate amino acids into your turf management programs – especially during aeration. They are essential to a stronger more durable turf playing surface, whether it’s a golf course, sports field, or a home lawn.

Nature Safe provides the highest concentrations of amino acids than any commercial fertilizer – the building blocks to a better turf!