Humates are formed from the breakdown of organic matter in the soil. Humates contain most of the known trace elements necessary for the development of plant life since they are mainly derived from plant material. If you were to look at the composition of the humic substance used in our Nature Safe products, leonardite, it is composed of 65-75% humic acids, with total organic material being around 86% (total Carbon is usually around 30%). Leonardite is also a natural source for Phosphorus (P), Potash (K), Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg), Sulfur (S), Boron (B), Iron (Fe) and Manganese (Mn).

Humates have long been known for their ability to increase water-holding capacity in the soil. They can help soils resist drought conditions more effectively and help plants continue their productivity when rainfall or irrigation is insufficient. Humates also react with salt solutions to protect plant roots. They can reduce the pH in alkaline soils and bind up certain toxic aluminum compounds in acid soils. They also can prevent chemical applied to turf from leaching and speed up the decomposition of poisons.

Other little known benefits to using humates include: CO2 liberation from calcium carbonates for plant roots; reduction of soil erosion by increasing the cohesive forces of fine soil particles; increased plant recovery from mowing or damage; prevention of soil crusting; increased root system development; and increased rate and efficiency of seed germination.

Because of all the benefits that humates offer, we incorporate them into all of our Nature Safe products. This is an important ingredient in our products that makes Nature Safe unique.