Nothing is more important in turfgrass management than maintaining soil fertility. When the soil is in proper nutritional balance, we can greatly reduce the need to use synthetic products to correct our turfgrass problems. This was the basic concept used in creating Nature Safe’s Natural & Organic Fertilizer. Truly it is very important to maintain the correct ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. However, it is equally important to provide the other essential nutrients to the soil ecosystem. It is understood that all soils are not the same and have somewhat differing needs. One thing remains constant, the need to provide the soil microorganisms food sources to reproduce and thrive in a soil ecosystem. Nature Safe was developed to provide an ideal food source for the soil microorganisms. A soil microorganism is a living being very similar to you and I, which requires a balanced nutritional diet to thrive. The basic nutrients essential to the support of life are protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, water and air. Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium only fall into two of these seven categories – not quite a balanced diet.

In addition to providing a balanced diet for soil fertility, it is also important to be concerned with the delivery system. A banquet meal is very fulfilling for one setting. A banquet meal plus a refrigerator can mean food for a week. Most living organisms must consume food in regulated amounts. Excessive intake can cause stress and an unhealthy environment. This concept is true in human nutrition as well as soil nutrition. Organic fertilizers such as Nature Safe have a time release delivery system. As the microorganisms have needs for food they consume the organic materials and render it available for plant uptake. This is a very natural process which does not stress the plant or put the plant in an imbalance. In addition, it is also a very efficient delivery system. Food is not wasted; it is used only as the consumer needs it.

One might say synthetic products can provide a balanced diet and a controlled delivery system. This is only partially true. Try as we might even the greatest scientists cannot replicate Mother Nature. Natural and organic products work in balance with Nature. The main difference between synthetic and organic fertilizers is carbon. Carbon is the main microbial food source. Carbon comes from organic matter such as decaying roots, plant and animal tissue, other decaying microorganisms and organic fertilizers. Nature Safe is composed of animal and plant tissue which have been processed under controlled conditions to be available for microorganism availability. Processing these animal and plant tissues is very important. These materials have natural levels of resilience. Some take very long to breakdown, others become readily available. In order to manufacture an organic fertilizer which can be predictable and managed by a golf course superintendent, processing these organic tissues to a level which can be readily used by the microorganism is essential. Take for instance a feather. A feather as it comes from a chicken is made up of keratin, a type of protein. Keratin is very difficult to breakdown. Keratin would remain in the soil for months, maybe even years, before microorganisms could break it down into amino acids. Griffin Industries, Inc., the parent company of Nature Safe, is in the business of taking these types of animal proteins from the meat industry and processing them into highly digestible and available animal feeds. Using this technology, Nature Safe is able to process their raw materials to control the solubility of the end product; thus, creating an organic fertilizer with a predictable release. Griffin Industries’ quality assurance program guarantees all Nature Safe products using in-house facilities. Enzymes are added to the ingredients to measure digestibilities. In the laboratory, they can simulate how much a microorganism will attack the food sources in Nature Safe.

Organic fertilizers have historically been thought of as inconsistent and unpredictable. They are often in a form which is difficult to spread and hard to incorporate into the turf canopy. Nature Safe is not a by-product of an industrial or agricultural manufacturing process. In formulating our product, unique ingredients are selected which specifically contribute to the features and benefits. It is manufactured to be easy to spread and to incorporate into the turf. It is a product constructed with the golf course superintendent in mind. Using Nature Safe, the superintendent can be assured he is using a product which can put him in total control of his soil fertility and turfgrass management programs.