One of the Keys to successfully maintaining quality turf during hot and stressful summers is being able to regulate the amount of nitrogen that the turf can get. Too little nitrogen will make the turf weak and unable to cope with the stresses to which it is subjected. A little too much nitrogen can cause fertilizer burn or excessive succulent growth that predisposes the plant to fungus diseases and added drought stress. Because of these problems, turf managers tend to suspend the application of granular fertilizers and substitute with light frequent applications of liquid nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen sources do practically nothing to feed the soil microbes. This results in a reduction in the populations of microbes that would normally help protect the plant from various pathogens. An increase in pathogens increases the need for fungicides and other chemicals, which in turn causes a further reduction in the populations of beneficial soil microbes.

Some organic nitrogen sources and many synthetic nitrogen sources are not predictable in their release characteristics. Many organic products contain materials that are difficult for the soil microbes to digest in a timely fashion. Sewage sludge products, that are by law subjected to high heat processes to kill organisms that are potentially harmful to people, contain up to half of the nitrogen in hard to digest forms. Other organic products that have improperly processed meals and improperly composted manures contain materials that are hard to digest. Some synthetic products such as urea formaldehyde and methylene urea have long chain polymers that are broken down by soil microbes over varying lengths of time.

These difficult to digest portions can build up for several months or several seasons. The nitrogen can become available at times when it is not wanted – usually during the hottest and most humid weather when soil microbe activity is at its highest level. This unwanted release can result in periods of excessive growth. Since the turf manager cannot predict how much nitrogen is going to be released from the residual nitrogen, his natural tendency is to totally stop feeding his turf during periods of high temperatures. During extended heat spells, this can result in the loss of turf because the plants become weakened from lack of adequate nutrition.

Organic fertilizers like Nature Safe are the answer. All the ingredients in Nature Safe are extremely digestible and consumed by the soil microbes in about thirty days. The nutrients are tied up in the bodies of the soil microbes and slowly released in usable form by the plants. Regular applications of fertilizer can be made during the hottest weather. The beneficial soil microbes are being maintained at their highest levels and when they are needed the most. The plant receives optimum nutrition without build up of residual nitrogen from repeated applications.

This predictability is unique to Nature Safe fertilizers because Nature Safe is the only company that manufactures the proteins that go into our products. That allows us to take special care during the manufacturing process to ensure the soil microbes can easily digest the amino acids. These amino acids are the same ones we manufacture for the best selling pet food companies because the amino acids are easily digested in an animals system. The digestibility in an animal’s system is similar to the digestibility in soil microbes. All other companies that make a meal based product similar to Nature Safe purchase their ingredients from outside suppliers who are more concerned with the number of tons they can produce than they are with the digestibility of the product.

Nature Safe provides the highest level of food value for the soil microbes and the highest level of predictability to the professional turf manager. That makes any turf manager’s job just a little bit easier during the summer stress period.