Greens and tees are the high profile portions of any golf course, so special care must be taken to keep them vibrant. Superintendents, even those that use no other organics, know about using Nature Safe at aeration. They may not use another organic all year but know aeration is a prime opportunity to use Nature Safe.

For years, Nature Safe has been most widely used as a complement to greens aeration. It feeds evenly for a prolonged period, is easier on roots than any other product, is easy to spread, will not leach and promotes a sustained recovery from aeration damage. Here are additional benefits of using Nature Safe at aeration:

The highest analysis organic on the market. This is due to using proteins blended for maximum impact.

It is 100% available in 10-12 weeks. Nature Safe is made from animal proteins, making them highly digestible by soil microorganisms for easy conversion to nutrition. Manures and sludges start out with proteins that have NOT been digested. Their processing does not make them a digestible food source for microbes.

Nature Safe is consistently manufactured. We control and test all incoming source components of Nature Safe. Formulation rates are adjusted accordingly so our fertilizers are of guaranteed analysis and release. No surprises by spotty release, carry over nutrition or incomplete decomposition.

Extremely low ash content. Since Nature Safe is not cellulose based, as are most other organics, our ash content is negligible. The porosity of the soil is not clogged by the ash. Repeated use of sludge or manure based organics can lead to an impairment of water and air percolation through the soil profile. Other detrimental factors are slow growth, reduced root growth and an increased opportunity for disease.

Cumulative results. A continued program of Nature Safe can help suppress disease by promoting beneficial microorganisms that out compete pathogenic organisms and reduce disease pressure.

Steady, deep greening of turf. Nature Safe’s structured nutritional release avoids nutrient dump in high moisture and high heat conditions. This reduces growth, meaning fewer clippings, and is more cost effective since all nutrition paid for is delivered to the plant. Growth with higher dry weight content also means plants that are more resistant to stress.

Easy application. Nature Safe is easy to spread through all conventional delivery systems and far less labor intensive than spray applications.