Just as Nature Safe is important in cool season turf areas as a fall fertilizer and dormant feed, it is equally important to use it during overseeding of Bermuda grass. Nature Safe 5-6-6 or 8-3-5 can be applied at a 1 lb. of N rate the same time overseeding is done with no fear of burn. Nature Safe begins to release in about three days ~ the same time the seed begins to germinate. Because Nature Safe is 85% water insoluble, very little will be leached with the frequent initial watering needed.

Nature Safe provides a complete nutritional foundation to establish overseeded turf. It will provide excellent color and density with slow-even growth and will build up the soil microbial populations as well. A reserve of microbes will be built up to help stimulate the Bermuda grass to establish in the spring.

Nature Safe will release in the top 1-inch of soil and stays there feeding the overseeded grass, while not stimulating the Bermuda grass underneath. The release will last for 28 days. A second application can be made based on clipping yield. This is usually at a 1/2 to 3/4 lb. rate. For more information on a Nature Safe overseed program, contact your Nature Safe Professional.