If you are looking for fertilizer recommendations for growing in new greens and tees or renovating areas on the golf course, consider incorporating Nature Safe into your fertilizer program.

Marietta Country Club in Atlanta, Georgia renovated A1 and A4 greens. Less than 60 days after seeding, the greens are in playable condition. Jimmy Jeter, CGCS, applied Nature Safe 5-6-6 at 40 lbs./1,000 sq. ft., which is just over 2 lbs. N/1,000 sq. ft. This was incorporated into the soil mix prior to seeding.

There was not a need to apply more Nature Safe before seeding with the 5-6-6 releasing fertility within five days after application.

Jimmy also used a similar rate on tees, but did not incorporate this product in the soil. The tees were less than 60-days old, but looked well on their way to being playable in a short period.

Nature Safe 5-6-6 provides a great balance of N P K and is great for the establishment of roots. This analysis also contains chelated calcium and phosphorus which aids the establishment of young grasses and is important in helping the plant withstand stress.

13-0-0 can be incorporated into a blend if you need a blend that is not balanced in N P and K or if some synthetic fertilizer will be used.

Nature Safe will provide a slow release of N that will not result in flushes of growth.

Nature Safe contains a low salt index and will not damage establishing turf whether it is seeded, sodded or sprigged.