Nature Safe’s protein ingredients are manufactured by Griffin Industries. Griffin is the feed industry leader in technological and processing innovations, producing the highest quality proteins in the world. Proteins are represented by nitrogen in fertilization terms. Nature Safe is a result of taking decades of knowledge of how to optimize animal nutrition and correlated that knowledge to soil and plant health.

In 1943, the company was founded as Griffin Fertilizer. The movement to animal nutrition was a result of the agricultural industry’s increased dependence on chemical solutions. Chemicals were used because of price and people believed N-P-K fulfilled a plant’s needs. As more research has been done, we are finding there are many other minerals and nutrients needed to aid in the health and fertility in turf. Add this to the environmental concerns continually facing today’s turfgrass manager, and it is easy to see why organic fertilizers are making a comeback.

If we never sold a bag of Nature Safe, Griffin would sell all of its finished goods (Nature Safe’s ingredients) to integrated feed manufacturers. These include feed manufacturers for dairy, swine, poultry and aquaculture, and pet food manufacturers. Griffin sells to 9 of the top 10 pet food companies in the United States. More than likely if you have a dog or cat, you are feeding them derivatives of Nature Safe. Currently, Nature Safe accounts for 1% of Griffin’s sales. However, the product line has huge growth potential that will enable Nature Safe to play a critical role in Griffin’s product profile into the next century.

Griffin uses only the highest quality ingredients that we produce (not the waste by-products) and formulates Nature Safe with an emphasis on optimizing soil and plant nutrition. Nature Safe is more closely similar to dog food, while the traditional organic fertilizer is more like dog doo-doo! Which has more energy?

Griffin’s unparalleled commitment to quality control and research in all of its products. Griffin products undergo very high standards of quality control. All of our plants have labs to test every load of product that leaves our facilities. In animal nutrition, not only are there customer specifications, but also FDA regulations that have to be met. This guarantees that Nature Safe will have the best ingredients. Our commitment does not stop there, however. We are continually working with some of the best universities and researchers found in the United States and Canada. Not only do we say we have the best product in Nature Safe, we want to verify this through research and strive for continuous improvement.

Griffin Industries and Audubon International stand for environmental stewardship. Audubon International promotes environmental stewardship through its Cooperative Sanctuary Program. Griffin has certified many of its locations through the Audubon program, including our Nature Safe production facility and our corporate office. We are proud to say that maintaining and protecting the environment has always been at the forefront of the Griffin philosophy. We have a simple belief that conserving resources is good business and are excited to position Nature Safe as a “solution” for turf and environmental challenges.

We believe Nature Safe is the natural choice for optimum soil and plant nutrition.