Every time we pick up a turf magazine or newsletter, we read about some new disease wreaking havoc on the fine turf in some part of the country. Usually it is caused by an organism that we have never heard of that suddenly turns virulent. Turf managers scramble to find a chemical to control this new super bug before it can wipe out too much turf, and, if turf managers are willing to shell out enough money, some chemical is found. The interesting thing is, if we talk with turfgrass pathologists and ask them where this new disease came from, they will usually tell us that it is not really a new disease at all, but an organism that has been around forever without causing any trouble. The question then arises as to why it is causing problems now. The answer can include many things, such as lower height of cut, heavier play, artificial soil mixes, etc. All of these add up to STRESS! Get with the Nature Safe professional in your area to help develop a stress program to help keep these “new” diseases from emerging.