It is sometimes hard to understand why a product such as Nature Safe is so effective. Some turf products rely on chemicals, others use manures and some try to incorporate biologicals. None of these products provide your turf better results than Nature Safe. Nature Safe fertilizer is a product that builds a strong foundation of nutrients in your soil. Our fertilizers are based on nature. All the ingredients in our fertilizer are natural and organic. Our fertilizers contain a variety of organic meals, minerals, carbohydrates, humates and microorganisms to stimulate your soil and strengthen your turf. Of most importance, Nature Safe feeds the microbes in your soil.

On a golf course, our only view of a turf’s condition is through a plant’s features. Is it exhibiting good color, dying off, disease infested? Below the surface is a completely different picture. Billions of microorganisms live in the soil. There are bacteria, fungi, protozoan and a specialized group of bacteria called Actinomyces (exhibit characteristics of both bacteria and fungi). In a 1000 sq. ft area of soil, there are over 70 lbs. of microbes or 930+ billion microbes living. 1There are good bacteria such as Bacillus, Pseudomonas, Actinomyces, Flavobacterium, Azotobachter, Burkholderia and Azospirillium. These help in disease management, nitrogen fixation, sodium reduction, soil porosity and nematode suppression. Of course there are also bad microbes. Good soil condition is dependent on how well the good microbes can fend off the bad. Microorganisms which are healthy and strong, have defense mechanisms which can inhibit or kill off other microorganisms. To accelerate this process, soil nutrition is of utmost importance. Nature Safe provides the balanced nutrition microorganisms need.

If you are skeptical, you could say great, my microbes are happy, but what about my turf? Microbes are the key to improving your turf. The biggest contribution that microbes offer to your plants is through their demise! As microbes die off, they decay into the soil to provide the plant with a continuous reserve of nutrients. 100 lbs. of dead microorganisms will provide the soil with over 10 lbs. of nitrogen, 5 lbs. of phosphorus, 2 lbs. of potassium, .5 lb. of calcium, .5 lb. of magnesium and .3 lb. of sulfur. A biologically active soil is like having a mini fertilizer plant making 10-5-2 continually. Your soil condition directly correlates to your microbial condition. The more microbial activity in your soil, the more benefits your turf receives and the better it will be. Microbes and plants have other requirements than just carbohydrates. Water is essential for all life activities. Temperature is also important. In the winter, there is little or no microbial activity, your plants go dormant. As soon as the temperature warms up in spring, microbes will come to life. As soon as the microbes begin to die off, your turf comes to life.

In an industry where quick fixes have dominated the marketplace for years, Nature Safe’s philosophy is simple. Mother Nature knew what she was doing. So why not go back to the basics. Strengthen the foundation of your soil. In doing this, not only will your soil microbes be happy, you will see that your turf is happy and healthier, too!

1 Soil Conditions & Plant Health, Sir E. John Russell, 1950.