Our customers have many choices of fine fertilizer products available to them, whether it is derived from sources of synthetics, organic, or combination of both. However, when it comes to soil and plant nutrition for healthy plant growth and overall turf quality, Nature Safe Natural & Organic Fertilizers stands apart from the others.

Nature Safe is unlike any other organic fertilizer, in that it is a constructed fertilizer, composed of a blend of various plant and animal meals that have been balanced with proteins, fats, yeast, sugars, starches, and carbohydrates. These animal meals consisting of meat, bone, blood, fish, and poultry are rendered into very digestible protein sources and of various amino acids. Amino acids enhance turfgrass health and improve the overall nutrient efficiency by buffering heavy metals and sodium in the soil, improving the availability and exchange of plant nutrients on the root surface, and improving microbial activity in the soil. These constructed meals contain not only amino acids, but chelated secondary elements, vitamins, and enzymes. The different sources of protein derived from those animals and plant meals are then ultimately converted into slow release nitrogen. At Griffin Industries, we are the only company that manufactures their own proteins and formulates them into a natural organic fertilizer. By producing our own sources of animal and plant meals, a high level of quality control and consistency in our manufacturing process is achieved in the final product.

Over the last 50 years, chemical fertilizers have become the choice for plant production. They can be relatively inexpensive, are rapidly available to the roots, and can be accurately delivered to the root zone. Such products however, provide no net energy input into soils. The flush of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K) actually results in a short-term stimulation of microbial activity further accelerating the demise of soil organic matter. Loss of microbial diversity invariably leads to an unbalanced ecosystem, where plant pathogens can more readily survive and cause serious plant damage. Although plant pathogens are not great competitors in soil, they are good survivors, particularly in soils with low levels of microbial activity. Increased activity of plant parasites has numerous impacts on plant production. The most obvious is the destruction of plants requiring the use of chemical control. This further reduces microbial populations and creates “microbial vacuums” that lead to a rebound in pest populations and greater plant losses than originally targeted. Managers then become locked into a perpetual cycle of chemical usage. Reduced root health also means that plants become less effective in nutrient uptake or use of water. Diseased plants need more fertilizer, more water, and more management. Thus, over the long-term, the less costly approach to management of soil health ends up costing more if full cost accounting is used.

Bacterial and fungal populations decline in about a month, resulting in the slow release of nutrients they originally incorporated from the organic fertilizer. Single applications of protein-based organic fertilizers like Nature Safe clearly provide benefits as far as plant nutrition is concerned and have the added advantage that they increase soil microorganism populations. Continued applications of Nature Safe help develop a strong, healthy soil ecosystem that will help plants through environmental stresses.

The real benefits of using Nature Safe organic fertilizers become more evident with long-term use. Dr. George Lazarovits, Southern Crop Protection & Food Research Centre, stated when we compare adding a single rate of inorganic and organic fertilizer at 0.4g per 100g of soil, we found a significant increase in bacteria numbers. These populations remained higher than in untreated soil for 9 weeks. Inorganic fertilizers in contrast reduced populations by 100 fold within a week and they remained below those levels found in untreated soil for 15 weeks. Repeated applications of the same organic material (4 times) at 0.1 g per 100 g of soil at 3-week intervals maintained bacteria populations at higher levels than in soil with a single application. Repeated addition of inorganic fertilizer again reduced populations of bacteria.

In summary, the one important thing to remember is that Nature Safe offers a balance in a fertilizer. All of the nutrients found in Nature Safe work together to promote total plant health. A plant can receive the required amount of N-P-K, however, if it does not receive other nutrients, water, light, vitamins, etc., it will be a poor plant in terms of its health, growth, and reproduction. Conversely, too much of any nutrient can do more harm than good. Nature Safe helps build your plant from its foundation up!