Throughout my travels in the Northeast region, I consistently talk to both new prospects and current customers about their fertility needs, budget constraints and, of course, Nature Safe’s performance. The following summarizes why more and more turf professionals make Nature Safe their Natural Choice for Soil and Plant Nutrition.

Turf Managers using Nature Safe Fertilizers appreciate the value of natural fertility. Nature Safe fertilizers are designed to work together with nature and accelerate the building of natural fertility in the topsoil. Nature Safe fertilizers compliment Mother Nature with the ability to grow turf to its full genetic potential while sustaining and amending the topsoil.

Naturally fertile soils grow stronger, healthier and greener turf without as much water as conventionally fertilized grass. Grass grown in these soils remain green longer in the fall and greens up faster in the spring. Due to healthier soil mineral values, turf grass grown in naturally fertile soil is less susceptible to disease, insect attack and fungus. Nine university research studies support those findings. Turf managers who use Nature Safe realize that in order to grow superior turf they must actually grow two different crops. The first is healthy soil microbial populations, while the second is the actual turf grass. Soil microbes are the basis of all natural and organic fertility.

Every bag of Nature Safe fertilizer delivers the optimum nutrition levels for healthy topsoils that are rich in natural fertility. During manufacturing, Nature Safe is formulated to provide soil microbes with a full range of primary, secondary and trace minerals. Nature Safe contains a high level of chelated minerals which are bound to an organic molecule to make them more available to the plants and soil microbes.

Nature Safe provides the highest concentration of nutrition in the bag and the most predictable release of nutrition bringing the best value for your budget dollar.