Sustainability and natural solutions are in our DNA

Nature Safe’s parent company, Darling Ingredients, assumed a leadership role in recycling excellence back in 1882 — long before sustainability had become a household term or corporate directive. Our objective was to develop an overall plant food from a nutritional standpoint, not from a waste disposal need. Carrying that legacy forward, Nature Safe produces fertilizers designed and formulated to provide a complete nutritional food to the soil, resulting in optimum plant development and growth. Each of Nature Safe’s ingredients contributes to the balanced requirements for the plant. 

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Carbon footprint reduction

In all of our repurposing activities, we contribute to maintaining a healthy environment in two important ways: 

  • We divert carbon- and nitrogen-rich materials away from the soil, surface waters, ground water and the atmosphere through effective recycling; and 
  • We recycle the carbon and nitrogen we capture into useful products, which reduces the production of greenhouse gases that result when new products are produced and later discarded.

For each metric ton of carbon dioxide (CO2) produced by one of our operations, approximately seven metric tons of CO2 equivalents are recycled rather than being released into the environment. The by-products we repurpose are rich sources of carbon and nitrogen, which would contribute to the production of greenhouse gases such as CO2, methane and nitrous oxide, if they were not safely repurposed. Dumping related materials in landfills or burning, burying or composting rather than repurposing them would result in a significant net increase in the production of greenhouse gases, which contributes to global warming.