Roots, the most important part of the plant, are rarely seen and as a result are often overlooked until a lack of rooting starts to affect the above ground portions of the plant. When this happens it is often too late to restore the plant’s health.

The organic fertilizers offered by Nature Safe are comprised of various high-quality plant and animal meals that provide a solid balance of soil-nourishing protein, starches, sugars, fats and carbohydrates. These important nutrients contain the essential vitamins, enzymes, chelated secondary elements and amino acids necessary to boost the natural microbial content of the soil, which in turn will produce more robust root growth and improve the quality of the plant.

Nature Safe is known for producing healthy plants, which is a result of increased root development. For Nature Safe creating healthy roots is a multi-faceted process.

The process begins with the chelated nutrients found in Nature Safe. The chelated nutrients are more available to the plant than the standard chemical nutrients. Calcium is a key nutrient component. The calcium found in Nature Safe comes from meat and bone meal. Majority of Nature Safe’s complete grades of fertilizer contains a substantial amount of calcium and is released in a chelated form. The chelated form keeps the calcium from being chemically tied up in the soil and makes it readily available to the plant. The chelated source of calcium promotes the elongation and branching of the roots. This creates a deeper, more fibrous root system. The root system is then able to make use of the available nutrients and water.

In addition, Nature Safe feeds the soil microbes that are in competition with the pathogens in the soil. Nature Safe offers higher levels of amino acids (found in all of our products) compared to other organic feed. Amino acids serve as food for the microbes. Plants exude roughly 40 percent of the food they make through their roots to attract the beneficial microbes.

By creating a highly concentrated food source for microorganisms, we’re able to greatly increase the number of beneficial organisms in the rhizosphere, which serves to better protect the roots by wrapping them in a protective layer of beneficial microbes. As a result the roots are healthier, so they grow deeper and produce more root hairs.

As we continue to learn more about the processes occurring in the soil, we can better understand the true secret to Nature Safe’s performance. Nature Safe is a pioneer in the business of sustainable fertilizers. Long before sustainability and eco-friendliness became popular buzzwords, Darling Ingredients (Nature Safe’s parent company) had already made environmental responsibility a core element of their corporate philosophy.