Grow your business from the soil up

Commercial growers across the country trust Nature Safe organic and fortified organic fertilizers to provide the nutrients needed for healthy soil, strong plants and increased crop yield.

Manufactured from high quality plant and animal proteins, Nature Safe Fertilizers provide a complete, predictable release of nutrients that feed beneficial soil microbes. Healthy soil enhances disease and water management while promoting overall plant vigor and increased harvest. Fertilizers for vegetables, fruit, grain, hemp and nuts are available in formulations and quantities to support organic and conventional farms.

Nature Safe Fertilizers are manufactured in dry pelleted, liquid and dry flowable formulations for ease of application to help you grow your business from the soil up.

Available for commercial use in bags, bulk and custom blends.

OMRI-Listed products

•3-3-3   •5-6-6   •7-7-7   •7-12-0   •8-3-5   •8-5-5   •9-6-1   •10-2-8   •13-0-0   •15-0-1   •15-1-1  

  • Provides a balance of N-P-K, calcium, sulfur, magnesium, iron, trace, minerals, and micronutrients
  • High nitrogen content in a slow release organic fertilizer
  • Reduces the need for frequent applications and maximizes fertility efficiency
  • Complete and predictable release of nutrients (controlled release granules deliver a long, balanced feed that will not leach; the water-insoluble nitrogen will slowly release for 8-12 weeks)
  • Adds organic matter to soil and serves as an organic source of nutrients (beneficial microorganisms break down organic matter making nutrients readily available to the plant)
  • Improves soil structure and allows oxygen and moisture to penetrate the soil impacting overall water management effectiveness
  • Long-term application will not result in excess phosphorus levels in the soil
  • Accelerates the release of manure-derived nutrients
  • Will not burn young plants or tender roots
  • Extremely low salt and moisture content

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