Outstanding turf color and stress tolerance

Nature Safe fertilizers are constructed, meal-based fertilizers derived from feed grade proteins, such as meat meal, bone meal, blood meal, poultry meal, and feather meal, and kelp. Our products contain no sewage sludges. Nature Safe's high amino acid content means you can be sure of product consistency, nutrient availability and an extremely predictable release in this commercial fertilizer. Nature Safe promotes great turf color and builds stress tolerance. The slow, even feed minimizes top growth and enhances microbial activity to reduce thatch. Nutrition and fertility are critical to building root mass, improving density, and enhancing overall disease management properties to protect your turf.

Product composition

Nature Safe products are a blend of various plant and animal meals that contain essential natural amino acids, chelated secondary elements, vitamins and enzymes. Our all-natural ingredients supply the food energy your golf course needs to increase the number of natural microbes found in the soil, while also providing the basic nutrients needed for healthy plant growth and improved turf quality.

Product efficiency

Soil microbes, soil temperature and moisture naturally control and regulate the slow release rate of Nature Safe. This controlled rate of release promotes an improved playing surface.

Growth factors

Nature Safe is a high organic WIN fertilzer with minimal leaching and volatilization. Our slow microbial release rate promotes excellent efficiency as well as excellent color, density and even growth. This makes Nature Safe ideal for applications near sensitive environmental areas, such as wetlands, streams and lakes.

  • A 90% slow-release organic fertilizer that promotes excellent residual color and density with slow, even growth (WIN % varies by formulation).
  • A constructed, meal-based product that supplies the plant nutrients needed for healthy turfgrass growth in a wide range of soil types, pH and weather conditions.
  • Enhanced with food energies from proteins, fats, vitamins and enzymes. Together these increase the natural soil microbes which aid in rooting, stress tolerance, thatch reduction and disease management.
  • An organic fertilizer with a low salt index, ideal for hot weather applications to promote turf recovery and increase wear and stress tolerance while also improving nutrient and water utilization.
  • Ideal for new grow-in situations, thanks to the addition of organic content to increase the number of soil microbes and reduce nutrient loss.
  • A balanced carbon-to-nitrogen ratio for continuous nutrient availability and a replacement for organic matter lost from clippings removal.
  • Natural chelated secondary elements provide a complete and value-added nutrient package for optimizing IPM program effectiveness.
  • Contains carbon, vitamins and enzymes needed for basic metabolic processes within the plant
  • A complete nutrient packed fertility product line that improves the effectiveness of other sound turf management practices and maximizes fertility value.
  • An extensive product line provides options to address almost any agronomic challenge or economic constraint.

Turf programs and application rates

Nature Safe programs were designed to create IPM synergy. This synergy balances traditional turf management methods inclusive of chemical and cultural tools with the biological benefits of Nature Safe. These programs meet the demands for improved turf quality for all soil and turf types. The key to success with Nature Safe is the cumulative effects of the product to improve soil health which impacts plant health. 

Nature Safe is a foundational product to be used every two to three months during the growing season at various applied rates. 

The best solution for your situation

Regardless of the weather, soil type, stress or disease encroachment challenging your turf, Nature Safe has a fertility program that’s right for you. The key to success with Nature Safe is the cumulative effect of our products and their impact on improving soil nutrition and thus impacting plant health. 

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