Meet the rising demands of playing conditions with Nature Safe

With synthetic turf gaining ground in ‘money sports’ like football, other sports, such as softball, soccer, baseball and LaCrosse are raising the bar for their natural turf playing conditions. At Nature Safe we offer the best fertilizer solutions available for sports turf.

Be sure your turf can handle the pressure

Playing fields experience year-long stress from soccer, baseball and football. With Nature Safe, you can be sure your turf can handle the pressure. A Nature Safe program will improve playing conditions by emphasizing overall soil and plant health. Our products will enhance your turf’s recovery process by increasing nutrient availability, eliminating surge growth and reducing leaching. Nature Safe builds the biological aspect of the soil by increasing natural soil microbes. These microbes improve rooting and aid in managing thatch and disease pressures, resulting in improved wear and stress tolerance, which translates into safer playing conditions.

Application rates

For the best results, make sure you use Nature Safe in accordance with the following programs. The benefits in terms of fertility efficiency and unparalleled nutrition are cumulative: the longer you use the products, the better the results.

Cool season

1 lb. N | At Aeration (Spring and/or Fall)
1/2 lb. N | Monthly During Summer
1 lb. N | Late Fall – Dormant Feed

Warm season

1 lb. N | At Aeration
1/2 – 1 lb. N | Monthly During Playing Season
1 lb. N | Late Fall – With Overseed